The Best of Both Worlds: Hamilton and Pokemon Go Collide

Not a lot of things stick around for the long haul these days. "Oh it's been 3 weeks? Yeah, I'm done with this. Thanks, though." But there are a couple things earning nominations in the "We're Here to Stay" category: Hamilton (the musical), and Pokemon Go.

In 2009, Lin Manuel-Miranda performed his "Hamilton Mixtape" at The White House. If you're like me, you had no idea this happened until about 2 months ago. I just remember waking up one day and having my social media timelines be flooded with posts about Hamilton and all I could think was, "Wait...isn't he already dead?" But apparently this performance was a pretty big deal. Who knew? So big, in fact, that it became a Broadway musical in 2015. This musical is damn near impossible to get tickets to unless you intend on selling your house and possibly a limb. It feels like this came out of nowhere and it has no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

With Pokemon Go, though? Man, we have been waiting for this for DECADES. Was it not every kids dream to actually catch a Pokemon? Barring some radioactive disasters, Pokemon Go is offering users their best shot at actually owning a Charizard. Personally, I've logged more hours than I would like to admit trying to find Pokemon and hatch my 10k eggs. I mean, if I catch one more Pidgey I might throw my phone in the lake but overall the app has provided me with hours of entertainment.


Of course, nothing says "YOU'VE MADE IT!" like a YouTube parody of your creation. And now we get to experience one that's a combination of two of the biggest things in pop culture right now. Enjoy.

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