The Color Of Your Napkin Can Affect The Flavor Of Food

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It's a known fact backed by years of research that color has a significant effect on appetite. We're more attracted to red and yellow foods because they awaken our taste buds while cooler tones like blue suppress appetite if not presented correctly.

The neurons in the hypothalamus part of the brain are activated at the sight of food and if it looks appetizing, the glands in the mouth start producing saliva. The overall effect of color on food is one of the main reasons why restaurants pay close attention to the color of their walls, dining room lighting, plates and even napkins.

Yes, napkins. Experts have recently found a strong correlation between the flavor of food and napkin color.

Tork, a napkin brand joined forces with a Swedish chef and food stylist, Linda Lundgren, to explore the relationship between the tone of a serviette and how food tastes. The experiment resulted in some surprising findings about the powerful link between taste buds and color perception that previous studies missed.

Lundgren paired various dishes with different colored napkins and concluded that food can actually taste sweeter, saltier or richer by choosing the right napkin shade.

"How do you make a strawberry mousse sweeter and richer-tasting? The answer isn't more strawberries and sugar. Instead, try serving the dish with a coral pink napkin," Lundgren told The Caterer.

"The colour actually increases the perception of sweetness and decreases bitterness, making it perfect for desserts," the food expert added.

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