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The Cuddle Mattress Will Let You and Your Partner Snuggle All Night (If You Want To)

Just when you thought you would have to give up on being a snuggler, the Cuddle Mattress has come through! Couples have always had the issue of ending up with a dead arm if they try to cuddle while they sleep, but now using a memory foam mattress sliced into carefully placed slats they won't have to worry about it. The Cuddle Mattress is available for preorder now.

Now that you have your perfect mattress you just have to decide if you actually want to cuddle. The bed was designed by Mehdi Mojtabavi after he realized he should be able to cuddle if he wants to. The slices go horizontally across the top and bottom of the bed and the specially designed stretchy sheets will let you push your arms through so the weight of your partner's body doesn't affect you.


The other benefit of this bed for those who aren't as concerned about cuddling comes from the fact that now if you want to sleep on your side your spine can still remain properly aligned.

Without your shoulder causing an unnecessary angle, your back pain should hopefully disappear, although now if you lose change or your keys in bed you might never see it again. Maybe be careful with this bed if you have a small dog. The only thing they need to invent now is a way to make your partner less warm on a hot day and they will have solved all marital problems.  

Sometimes the most simple solution is the best. After 9 years in development, the Cuddle Mattress is finally ready to begin production. They received a spiked interest in their product after winning the Red Dot Design Award back in 2007, and once NPR published an article about it investors came running. If you live in the United States you can get this bed shipped for free, with prices starting at $1249.00 for the base model, or $1649.00 for the upgraded model with Memory Gel. Go get cuddling!

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