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The Day The Music Died: The Crash That Killed 3 Of America's Biggest Stars

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It's hard to imagine what it must have felt like to wake up on February 3rd, 1959 to learn 3 of America's most popular musicians were gone.

The Bopper, Holly and Valens.

Overnight, a plane crash had taken the life of singer-songwriter Buddy Holly, up-and-comer Ritchie Valens and singer Jiles "the Big Bopper" Richardson all in one fell swoop, and in the middle of their highly publicized tour.

For decades music fans have been left to wonder what these young musicians would have done if their incredible careers weren't cut short, but most people never learned the details of the shocking plane crash that took their lives.

It turns out their entire accident could have gone very differently, or maybe never would have happened at all, if it wasn't for a few strokes of bad luck.

The strange story of why these three musicians were even in the plane together all starts with their tour, the Winter Dance Party.

Audiences loved seeing Holly, Valens and the Big Bopper perform together, but for the bands the tour was a nightmare that they called "the Tour from Hell."

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