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The Forgotten Fifth Beatle Who Replaced Ringo

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If you grew up listening to The Beatles - and who didn't - you can name the iconic Fab 4 off by heart. There's John Lennon on guitar, Paul McCartney on bass, George Harrison playing lead guitar and Ringo Starr on the drums. But what about Jimmie Nicol - the 5th Beatle?

Over the years lots of performers and crew members who worked with the band have been dubbed the 5th Beatle. While the group's longtime manager Brian Epstein and music producer George Martin have both been called the band's 5th member, the name is usually associated with Pete Best.

Best (second from the left) with the Beatles.CNN

Best was the band's original drummer, and played with them during their early years in Hamburg and Liverpool before losing his seat to Ringo just before the band hit their big break. But he wasn't the only early member of the band to leave just before The Beatles became a household name.

Sutcliffe (on the drums) performing with John, Paul and Pete Best. Mashable

Bass player Stuart Sutcliffe performed with the Beatles in Germany, but didn't follow them back to England. While he was described as just a "so-so" musician, he came up with the band's iconic mop-top haircut.

But only the biggest Beatles fans remember the ordinary studio musician who lived as a global celebrity for 2 weeks and played with the greats - then lived to regret it.

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