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The Fountain Of Youth Is Very Cheesy! Eating Cheese Makes You Live Longer

You now have the best excuse ever to eat more cheese! It will apparently help you live longer!

A study published in the journal called "Nature Medicine" how found that cheese is linked to a longer life. Unfortunately,  it does specify that it is aged cheese, like blue cheese, so it isn't like you can just eat some mac and cheese and live forever, but it's still pretty awesome news.


The study discovered that the compound called spermide that is found in the aged cheeses like blue cheese would give mammals a longer life. They tested this theory in mice and the results were impressive.


"The mice do not only live longer when we supplement spermide to the drinking water, but they are also healthier in terms of cardiac function," - Frank Madeo, co-author of the study.

The benefits weren't only found in mice. They also tested 800 Italians and found those who included aged cheese as a regular part of their diet had lower blood pressure, 40% lower risk of heart failure, and a generally reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases in general.

I am all for these cheese discoveries. I will happily accept any excuse as to why I should eat more cheese.

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