The Gerber Baby Turns 90, And This Is What She Looks Like

The Gerber baby is an iconic logo, signifying a trustworthy line of food for your child. But who is that baby? How did it get chosen? And more importantly...where are they now?

In 1927, Dorothy Hope Smith submitted an incomplete sketch of an infant baby to a contest with a note saying if the sketch was chosen, she would complete it.

However, the company liked the incomplete version of the sketch and decided not only was it the winner, they also wanted it to be kept the same.

Over the years, there was much speculation  as to WHO the baby was. Some thought it was a celebrity like Jane Seymour, but there was never confirmation. But in 1978 for the 50th anniversary of the sketch, it was revealed exactly who the Gerber Baby is.

Meet Anne Taylor Cook. Cook is a retired English teacher and mystery novelist who currently resides in Tampa Bay. In 2004, she posed with the original sketch of herself and you can see the twinkle that is still in her eyes.

Now, in 2016, Anne Taylor Cook is turning 90 and she's still going strong!

Happy birthday, Anne Taylor Cook! And congratulations on 90 years!

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