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GROSS! New York Cockroaches Might Start Flying Because of the Heat

Are you ready for some nightmare fuel? Cockroaches are so into this disgusting heat it makes them want to fly. As if the creepy crawlers weren't bad enough on just their legs, we now have to start worrying about them in the air. Um, no thank you.

Louis Sorkin, of the American Museum of Natural History, says that the heat gives cockroaches more use of their muscles, which translates into more flight. But "luckily", and I use that term lightly, not every type of cockroach will start spreading it's grubby little wings. There are two main types of cockroaches that live in the New York area, German cockroaches and American cockroaches. German cockroaches, commonly found near dishwashers, stoves and sinks, aren't at risk of taking flight.

It's the American cockroaches we need to be worried about. These buggers are found most commonly in basements, bathtubs, and near drains. In the cooler temperatures they prefer to walk or run, but once this heat hits them they start to flex their wings and get going. They don't necessarily fly like say a bee of a dragonfly, it's classified more as "gliding." The roaches will use their wings to get from one place to another if it's a short enough distance. Not that it really makes a difference to how gross it is.

And yes, cockroaches play a huge role in our ecosystem. They actually help vegetation decay and if it weren't for them, the world would be pretty much sky-high with trash. Not to mention their feces is crucial to the health of all our plants. That's all cool. So I guess I'm okay with cockroaches in our eco-system, just not so much in my apartment.

Experts are saying this isn't something to be totally worried about. It's not like these cockroaches are going to be flying around like pigeons. But frankly, if I encountered this on my walk in to work I would probably start looking for new employment.

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