Check Out These Awesome Houses That Brad Pitt Built For Families Whose Lives Were Destroyed By Hurricane Katrina

It's hard to believe that it has been eleven years since the most destructive hurricane in US history demolished almost all of New Orleans. Heartbroken by the tragedy, actor Brad Pitt founded the Make It Right Foundation to help the victims living in the Lower Ninth Ward - a district devastated by the hurricane.

This district was practically completely flooded and the buildings had been left in ruins. Pitt raised money, hired famous architects and personally took part in the design stages of the houses.

The houses are beautiful, eco-friendly, and natural disaster proof. The residents choose their colours - bright blue, yellow, green as a symbol of hope in their new lives. These houses were not built cheaply, the actor wanted to be sure that each family was safe and sound. Clearly, the families were overjoyed - but who wouldn't be with a house built by Brad Pitt!

Brad Pitt and community leaders discuss the projectMake It Right

The actor worked closely with community members to ensure that these homes were safe, eco-friendly and comfortable for them to live in.

Make It Right

Brad participated in just about every aspect of the reconstruction project.

He even moved his family to New Orleans while he worked with the community to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward.

The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, before and after.

Residents love their new homes! It has now become a hot tourism spot, attracting people from all over.

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott

This woman stands on the porch of her old home - the family decided to keep it in memory of the struggles they have overcome. Behind her, stands her brand new home, raised above the ground in case of floods. Make It Right


The interiors are bright, spacious and complete with stainless steel appliances.

Make it Right

Make it Right

Hats off to you Mr. Pitt, these modern, safe homes are a shining example of what can be done with a little creativity and a lot of heart!

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