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The Most Amazing Pool I’ve Ever Seen

I have only one question. How have I never seen this before! You have got to see what has to be the most incredible pool in the world. This is such a great idea!

I don't understand why more people aren't talking about it. Watch as this pool becomes everything you've ever wanted.

So if you are like me, you had questions: What exactly is s a hidden water swimming pool?

Well let me fill you in. A hidden water swimming pool often looks like a traditional looking swimming pools until the owner activates a mechanism that can change the appearance and the atmosphere of an entire area.The owner presses a button which is attached to the control panel of the pool. The button activates the hydraulic lift that powers up the mechanism of the pool and hence the floor of the pool gets raised. As the floor of the pool gets raised, the water flows up to the edges and simply drains beneath the pool floor. Then the raised platform can easily be used for an event or entertainment. When the activity is over, the pool floor can be lowered using the hydraulic lift that restores your pool.

Well we all know these are going to be pricey. So what exactly is the cost? Hidden Water Pools are more expensive than the traditional or in ground pools. This is due to the presence of hydraulic jacks and flooring. They are not only expensive to install, but is require maintenance. But the most effective points of these hidden pools are that they do not get the regular exposure of the ultra violet rays of the sun; hence the chemical inclusion to these pools becomes relatively lower.

Since we are going all in and looking at insanely expensive pools, why not look at these suspended pools?

What do you think of these pools?

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