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The NORAD Santa Tracker Is Back Just In Time For Christmas

If you're already counting down the days until Christmas you've probably heard of the NORAD Santa Tracker.

Since 1958 the North American Aerospace Defense Command have used radar to track the skies over America and Canada to keep them safe. Around this time each year they also perform an even more important duty - tracking Santa Claus' flight South from the North Pole to bring presents to good boys and girls.

This year, a new app and some added features make tracking Old Saint Nick more fun than ever.

This holiday tradition began in 1955 when a department store ad accidentally listed the number for the government's radar special operations hotline as "Santa's workshop" - oops!

Luckily, the organization's director Colonel Harry Shoup let his staff track Santa's route across America and report to the children who called in. Nowadays, children can still call in, but there's also an online tracker that shows Santa's progress, and even a new app.

This year, the Santa tracker also received a special face-lift. Children can play games, listen to Christmas music, and learn about NORAD and the Santa Tracker's history.

There's even a guide to frequently asked questions kids have about Santa, like is he really real?

"Mountains of historical data and 60 years of NORAD tracking information," they write, "lead us to believe that Santa is alive and well in the hearts of people around the world." So there!

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