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The Officer From The United Video Tells His Side Of The Story

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unWhen video of the dramatic confrontation between a United Airlines passenger and aviation department officers went viral earlier this month, it kicked off a worldwide firestorm of discussion about exactly what had happened.

After the shock came the jokes and parodies about the airline's PR department. Then, we learned more about Dr. David Dao, the 69-year-old passenger who had been dragged off the flight from Chicago to Kentucky before takeoff.

Now, weeks later, we finally have a description of the incident from the officers who arrested Dao, including the man who pulled him out of his seat and dragged him off the airplane.

In his own words, officer James Long described his encounter with Dao in an aviation department report obtained by the Associated press.

Long, who wears a baseball cat and a red shirt in the video, says he was called to the flight because of a "disturbance" involving passengers refusing to leave their seat.

Long claims that Dao was aggressive, shouting that he refused to give up his seat, and crossed his arms before passengers started taping the scene with their camera phones.

In his account of what happens next, Long gives his version of how Dao received his injuries, which his lawyers say include a broken nose, a concussion, and losing his 2 front teeth.

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