The Police Want Your Help To Find Monster That Tortured This Kitten

The hunt is on for the monsters who tortured a kitten in Utah earlier this month.

Sage the cat was outside in his yard enjoying some sun and fresh air when he was abducted. She returned home with dozens of broken bones including all his toes and his legs. He also had his face and genitals covered in hot glue.

He died shortly after being found.

People around the world had sent in donations to help Sage's family with the medical bills. The Humane Society of Northern Utah paid for all expenses, now that money is being used as a reward to help find his demented killer and to help other victims of animal abuse.

The Humane Society Of Northern Utah

$50,000 has been raised for the reward and over $20,000 has been placed in the Sage Friend Memorial Fund to help abused animals.

Vets who worked on Sage said it was the worst case of animal abuse that they had encountered and police are asking for the public's help in apprehending the perpetrators.

If you'd like to donate to the fund you can do so through this link.

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