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Miracle Twins Born To First- Time Mom At 60 Years Old

Ten years ago Claudette Cook married her husband, Ross. Although neither one of them had children, they both dreamed that one day they might.

Doctors told Claudette that it would be nearly impossible for her to have children at her age. Although doctors advised that the couple were unlikely to succeed, Cook met with an IVF specialist earlier this year.

Soon after, they were pregnant with fraternal twins.

The boys, Isaac and Isaiah Cook were born on a month early - on Sunday, September 25, 2016 weighing about 5 lbs each. News reports say that Mother and babies are healthy and doing well.

"Doors started opening up and … bam!" Cook said. "Age is not a number with God." Cook and her husband prayed devoutly for the conception and safe birth of their boys and they give full credit to divine intervention for seeing them through.

"No matter how hard it was, He brought me through it all, so, awesome God." Hear more in the interview below:

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