The Pringle Ringle - Are You Game?

The Shared office set out to find a head-to-head challenge that would push their staff to the very edge. The Pringle Ringle craze is sweeping across the world and has been featured in popular newspapers, like the Daily Mail, and on the Ellen Show. The gravity-defying ringle takes dedication and laser-focused dexterity

We challenged two of our staff, Chase and Robbie, to build a gravity-defying hoop made out of our favorite flavor of Pringle and the outcome was shocking and mesmerizing. Chase and Robbie were made to face-off in a best of three competition to see who could build two Pringle Ringles in the fastest time possible.  

Two men enter but only one can be crowned the Pringle Ringle King!

Both Chase and Robbie started off equally with only one tube of Original Flavored Pringles and the need to beat the other. We will be honest - both Chase and Robbie are very competitive and were ready to go from the word "go!"

Chase took an early lead, finishing his first Pringle Ringle in the first 4 minutes of the challenge.

Comments were coming in fast from our fans:

"Dude in the white you already had it the first time what's happening now you keep failing. dude with the hair catch up it you haven't completed the circle once lol"

More and more Shared fans started to weigh in on our challenge:

Some were shocked: " I didn't know you can build stuff with them. I EAT them not build with them."

Others were having a good laugh at Chase and Robbie's expense.

"Do you have instructions? That's were you are going wrong men dont read instructions get the woman on the case


"The guy in the white tee shirt has the idea but he gets frustrated chill calmly lay them on top of each other. You'll be alright"

Not only is the Pringle Ringle fun to build but also a delicious snack once you're done. What you will need to build along with us is a tube of your favourite Pringles and a high level of patience.

Here is the full video:

We NEED YOU to help us decide on what our next challenge should be. Just comment in the comments section on Facebook and let us know what Chase and Robbie should be challenged to do next.

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