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The Purr-fect Gift for the Cat Lover in Your Life

There are people who like cats, and then there are people who LOVE cats. People who are more or less obsessed with their cat know that one of their favorite pastimes it to look out of the window, so why not let them do it in style? K&H Manufacturing has developed the "EZ Mount Window Pod Kitty Sill" so that cat owners can make a little ledge or nest for their pet that attaches directly to the window with suction cups. It comes in two styles, one that is more of an enclosed cave and the other is open on top to allow for a slightly larger cat to fit.


The reviews for this product aren't half bad, with a few people totally loving it!

The main issue people seem to have is that it isn't big enough for a larger cat, but for the most part the reviews are paws-itive.

So those of you who own a smaller cat or know someone who is obsessed with spoiling their pet, this makes for a great gift for those curious cats who like to keep an eye on what's going on out in the world.


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