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This Rabbit Kept Escaping to Go Get High

A pet rabbit in Peru named Pinpon loved to go on adventures and when he returned home, he would always be in a playful mood. It took a while, but the rabbit finally started drawing suspicions from the family who owned him. They just couldn't figure out where he was going and why he was so happy about it.

Cut to: Pinpon at an abandoned house just going to town on a marijuana plant. I guess the rabbit discovered it one day and then was hooked on the buzz. Finally the girl he belonged to decided to follow him on his adventure, extremely curious as to why this animal was so damn happy all the time. When she saw him eating the plant, she didn't even know what it was. She went home and explained everything to her family, and it wasn't until one of them checked it out that they realized it was a marijuana plant. They called the police who came and took the stash away.

What a bunch of narcs. Snitches get stitches, you guys. Once Pinpon realized what they had done he actually RAN AWAY FROM HOME! He did end up returning later that evening. But as you can imagine, he was not as happy as the times before.

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