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The Reason This Mother Leaves Rocks On Headstones Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

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If you visit the Riverside Cemetery in Hastings, Michigan, you'll find something very strange.

Some - but not all - of the grave stones are topped with small painted rocks. The bright and colorful stones are decorated with little hearts, and carefully placed on each stone.

It turns out this is the work of Nicole Wieringa, a local woman who uses the rocks to honor someone very close to her. Nicole was 17 weeks pregnant with her 3rd daughter, Finley, when her child's heartbeat stopped.

Wieringa sadly remembers seeing her daughter's "ten perfect fingers, 10 perfect toes, just too small,” and since then she's lived with the heartache of losing a child.

But Wieringa realized she's not the only parent to live through the heartbreaking experience, and leaving the rocks on the tombstones of children is her way of silently comforting their parents.

Wieringa's daughters at Disney Worldfinleyhearts / Instagram

"I place a rock on there just to let that mom know that I see they are grieving, I see your baby's name, and I know they existed," she told Fox 17.

But Wieringa isn't the only one leaving these special Kindness Rocks in public.

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