The Rock's Iconic Look Just Got A Huge Makeover

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is undeniably a household name. He's been a movie star for years, and even before that he was one of the biggest professional wrestlers the WWE has ever had. He's funny and charming when he's off set, and his movies are the kind of popcorn-crunching films we all love to watch.

He's grown muscles, lost hair, and got a big sleeve tattoo that covers most of his left side. Through it all though he's had an iconic Texas long horn tattoo.

Sorry Mom Aftercare

But not anymore.

The Rock made a huge change by covering up the tattoo he's had for years and replacing it with something a lot more visbile.

The old tattoo was a tribute to his old wrestling name "The Brahma Bull" and the new work possibly marks the end of an era with Johnson implying he'll no longer participate in the ring.

He posted the last photo we'll ever see of the bull tattoo on Instagram while explaining his desire for the change.

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