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The Saddest Cat Burglar Gets Locked In A Bank

What appears to be the world's cutest bank robber got stuck during her inside job.

Twitter user @mikkel5en, or Jaimee, posted pictures the other day of a cat locked inside a bank.

"Out walking through town and we've just found a cat stuck in a bank," the post read.

The pictures are pretty funny, but only after you find out that the cat will be totally fine.

Apparently, Jaimee contacted the RSPCA and spoke to the restaurant next door and she was assured the cat will be okay.

It looks like the cat actually belongs to someone, because you can see a bell on a collar, but as to WHO the cat belongs to, it's unclear.

Regardless of who this cat belongs to, it seems she's been caught making a late night de-paw-sit. Or maybe she's a not-so-stealthy cat burglar? Hopefully we don't have to call the police de-purr-tment to whisker away.

Okay I think I'm done.


Glad this little munchkin is going to be okay!

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