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20 Of The Best Guest Stars From The Simpsons

The Simpsons will be continuing at least until Season 30! Fox has confirmed that their show will surpass the record of longest running scripted series with a record 669 episodes. The Simpsons is currently in season 28 and continues to be a staple in television viewing.

It would be hard to find a person who hasn't seen at least ONE episode of the Simpsons. One of the best parts of The Simpsons has always been the guest stars. Each season is filled to the brim with guest voices of celebrities, some playing themselves while others get a new character. Lets take a look at some of the best guest stars in the series history.


20. Herb Powell


Danny DeVito provided the voice for Homer's brother, and helped him design a car. He then went bankrupt (obviously because of Homer) and then came back later trying to make more money.

19. Mark Hamill


It's always nice when a celebrity can make fun of themselves. Mark Hamill is no stranger to voice over work, and totally nailed his episode on the Simpsons.

18. Alex Trebek

When Marge goes on Jeopardy, she wasn't expecting to have to pay back the money she wagered. Luckily she could outrun the host of the show.

17. Artie Ziff


Artie Ziff is the worst. He is a vial awful man that makes Marge feel like garbage. At least his terrible behavior leads her to Homer, but Jon Lovitz does a great job at creating a truly terrible character.

16. Mickey Roone


Mickey Rooney tries to give Milhouse a pep talk, but instead steals his role as Fallout Boy. So ridiculous.

15. Cecil Terwilliger


I think one of may favorite moments was when Cecil, voiced by David Hyde Pierce (aka the actor who plays Frasier's brother) had to "guess who" when Bart covered his eyes and his answer was "Maris". A moment that a lot of kids probably didn't understand, but as a fan of both The Simpsons and Frasier still makes me laugh so much.

14. The cast of Cheers


Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, Woody Harrelson, John Ratzenberger and George Wendt all make an appearance when Homer is trying to find a new bar and stumbles upon Cheers. Homer quickly leaves when Norm gets a little bit upset because Woody won't give him another beer, but it gives a hilarious look at what the usually fairly clean cut show could have been.

13. Buzz Aldrin


Someone who has literally been in outer space got to have a little bit of fun voicing himself on the Simpsons. Really shows that just about everyone wants to be on The Simpsons.

12. Conan O'Brien


Conan used to write for the Simpsons, so it was only a matter of time before he returned to voice his new talk show persona on the show. "Only I may dance" is just one of the greatest moments.

11. Bleeding Gums Murphy


Bleeding Gums Murphy's death is quite sad. Poor Lisa, she had such love for him but at least she got his saxaphone. I hope she cleaned it before using it, he apparently never went to the dentist and if his name is any indication you should definitely sanitize it before playing it.

10. Stephen Hawking


I didn't know this, but apparently they actually got Stephen Hawking! I had thought they just used a computerize voice, but they actually had Hawking come into the recording studio.

9. Adam West


Adam West will always be Batman to me. His ability to make fun of himself and acknowledge the goofy Batman series he was on makes him all the better. It's nice that he got to continue being the goof that he is over on Family Guy!

8. Johnny Cash

Can you imagine having to be the one to call Johnny Cash's representatives and say "yes we would like Mr. Cash on our show; however we would like him to play a mystical coyote and try to attack Homer, so we will need him to growl". Or better yet, being the agent who pitched this to Johnny Cash? Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

7. Larry Burns


Another long lost brother scenario, except this time it's Mr. Burns. His brother is voiced by Rodney Dangerfield who is essentially playing himself.

6. Hugh - Lisa's future husband


Another voice shocker - Mandy Patinkin a.k.a. Ingio Montoya voiced Lisa's fiancé in the episode where she saw her future!

5. Leon Kompowski


He claims to be a bricklayer from New Jersey, but we all know he is Michael Jackson. They think he is crazy, but who knows. He sings a great song to Lisa for her birthday and dances like the real thing.

4. Jessica Lovejoy


Do you know who voices Jessica? I sure didn't. The one, the only Meryl Streep! I mean, that woman can do everything!

3. Mona Simpson


She may not be the best mother out there, but she is voiced by Glen Close! That is pretty impressive if you ask me.

2. Hank Scorpio


One of the greatest episodes of the entire series, Hank Scorpio gives Homer a new job and is pretty much one of the craziest bosses anyone could have. Albert Brooks voices him to perfection, playing the villain-style guy that you can't help but love.

1. Sideshow Bob


Sideshow Bob is just about the greatest guest star ever. He is a ridiculous character made 100% by the fact that he is voiced by Kelsey Grammar -aka Frasier. Could you imagine how he must have felt back in the 90's when he would go from a Frasier taping to voicing a felon/clown?Who was your favorite guest star on The Simpsons? Share yours in the comments!

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