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The Star-Spangled Banner: Breaking The Internet

Wow - this school teacher from Florida has got me feeling mighty patriotic! Star Genleah Swain, assistant principal at Jefferson County Middle/High School in Monticello has become a viral sensation and I for one think she deserves to break the internet with her after giving an impromptu performance singing the Star Spangled Banner in the Lincoln Memorial. I dare you to listen and NOT be moved. WOW! I found the original post on Facebook, but I've included the link to the YouTube below.

Just had to repost this. FAMU Marching 100 talent on display. Her name is Star Genleah Swain. We want this to go viral so feel free to share.
Posted by Kermit Virgil on Monday, June 20, 2016

Some of her family members pushed her to sing the national anthem and one of them began filming the song. I know why a large group of tourists gathered!

The video, which was recorded on June 16, has been viewed more than seven million times after it was shared by R&B singer Nay Michelle, Heavy reported.


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