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The Surprising Reason Why Moms Carry Babies On Their Left

What hip do you use to carry your child on?

The Right? The Left?

If you said the left, you are like the majority of moms. But, do you ever think about why you prefer the left side?

According to Nature Ecology and Evolution, we naturally position our infants on the left side because it may optimize our ability to monitor them.

Science tells us that it's about how our brains process information, specifically, social and emotional information.

With baby on the left side, the right side of mother's brain lights up - helping her to bond with her baby.

Basically this is how it works:

1. Physical touch on the left side of the body causes a chemical and electrical response in the right side of the brain.

2.The right side of the brain is responsible for language and interpreting emotional signals.

3. When mom carries baby on the left, she is more easily able to interpret it's physical and emotional cues.

We aren't the only mammals to do this! It has also been documented in kangaroos, whales, horses, reindeer and other primates to name a few!

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