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The Today Show Had A Special Celebration For Matt Lauer's 20th Anniversary

20 years ago today a bright eyed reporter named Matt Lauer co-hosted his first episode of NBC's The Today Show. Two decades later he's still manning the desk on America's favorite morning show, and they marked the occasion with a special episode.

In his time with Today, Lauer has covered 9 Olympic games, had 10 presidential interviews, and traveled to more than 60 countries, but most importantly he's been behind the desk every morning when we woke up and turned on the TV.

Lauer's co-hosts shared their favorite memories from the past two decades working with the anchor, and of course they picked some of the most embarrassing moments from his impressive career.


They also shared this great throwback clip to Lauer's very first show, co-hosting with Katie Kouric.

It's crazy how different they look!

Lauer's co-host Savannah Guthrie, who's away from the show for maternity leave, even surprised him by coming back today.

But the most impressive part of his anniversary was this human display, made up of Today staffers wearing "20" shirts.

Reading the news each morning, Lauer has covered all of the biggest stories of the past 20 years, but his most famous moments are undoubtedly the great interviews he's had with some huge guests.

For example, the late Toronto mayor Rob Ford

Miss Piggy (who "broke up" with Lauer on New Year's Eve 1998) stopped by back in 2007 for Lauer's 10 year anniversary

And Lauer famously clashed with Tom Cruise during this bizarre, confrontational interview

Let's hope Lauer stays with the show for many more years to come, it wouldn't be the same without him.


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