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The Vatican's New McDonald's, And 9 Other Weird Locations

If you find yourself in St. Peter's Square, and get a craving for some chicken nuggets, you're in luck. This week, McDonald's opened up a new location just outside of the Vatican. But, while Big Mac fanatics are glad, not everyone is happily celebrating this store's grand opening.

One Cardinal, Elio Sgreccia, called the restaurant "a disgrace", although he did also call it a "mega sandwich shop," so we're not sure he's ever been to a McDonald's before.

For the record, the Vatican is totally cool with the new fast food joint - they own the building it's in - and some nuns have even been spotted eating inside, so let's call this a mixed reception.

This isn't the only location for the golden arches that's raised eyebrows, these other locations prove each McDonald's is a little different.

1. Bray, Ireland

Look closely and you'll see the famous golden arches in the entryway of this Tudor Style building from the 18th century. Sure, this location looks nice, but their milkshake machine is probably still broken.

2. Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell is famous for the UFO crash that supposedly happened there in the 1950s, and the town's McDonald's incorporates this history. The truth is out there, the Big Macs are in here!

3. Freeport, Maine

The historic Gore House in Freeport is one of the world's swankiest McDonald's. Yes, it still has a drive through, but there's also a plush indoor seating area, including a fireplace.

4. Kristiansand, Norway

This McDonald's used to be a bank, but now the only gold you'll find inside are some crispy,  golden french fries.

5. Sedona, Arizona

Notice anything different about this location? Sedona has very strict zoning laws, so this McDonald's had to fit in with the town's Mesa style architecture. Supposedly, this is the only McDonald's in the world that doesn't use the signature gold color for their logo.

6. New Hyde, New York

No, this isn't Mayor McCheese's mansion. McDonald's originally planned to scrap this historic building, but after locals pushed back, they built their restaurant inside instead.

7. Dallas, Texas

You're never too old for a Happy Meal, especially at this Dallas location inside of a giant Happy Meal.

8. Yangshuo, China

Doesn't this gorgeous scene look just like a painting? Well, the painting wouldn't normally include a McDonald's, but we'll just call that a bonus.

9. Taupo, New Zealand

Who says airline food is bad? This unique McDonald's is inside a real DC-3 airliner that flew around the world between the 1960s and 80s. Things are a little different nowadays: for one thing, the plane stays on the ground. For another, you can tour the cockpit after your meal.

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