If This New Promo For The Voice Doesn't Get You Excited I Don't Know What Will

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With the 13th season of The Voice coming to NBC, fans have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the newest judge, American Idol alumnus Jennifer Hudson.

It was announced three months ago that Hudson would be replacing Gwen Stefani, and joining the two staple judges, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Miley Cyrus is also returning to the Red Chairs this season, with Alicia Keys taking a season off.

Here's a little insight on the judges this season:

Blake Shelton

The country music heartthrob from Oklahoma will be back for the 13th straight season, giving us the best dad jokes and most competitive insults towards (his secret BFF) Adam Levine. With 5 wins under his belt as coach, Shelton is hoping to keep his streak as most winningest coach on The Voice.

Miley Cyrus

She was a key advisor on the show's 10th season, a coach on the 11th season, and now she will be back as a coach for the 13th season! The Grammy and Golden Globe nominated artist has returned to her country roots following a few years of wild partying, and she's ready to bring her full life experience to her team.

Adam Levine

Levine boats three winners of The Voice as coach, with many other fan favorites over his 12 seasons of coaching. The Maroon 5 front man had success as a solo artist, but ultimately came back to his band roots. With three Grammy awards and multiple nominations under his belt, Levine can provide insight into both the singing and instrumental aspects of performing.

Jennifer Hudson

Hudson, a Grammy winner and platinum-selling artist, will be able to lend advice as to what it's like being on a reality singing show and the struggles that come with it. It will be interesting to see how she coaches, as she's never been a judge on a competition show in the past.  

Now, just weeks before the season begins, NBC released a trailer of all four judges together for the first time and for some fans it's bringing them way back.

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