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The World's Longest Selfie Law Suit Has Finally Come To An End

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David Slater

What happens when you're a wildlife photographer and a monkey finds one of your cameras and uses it to take a brilliant selfie? Well first, you would share that picture with the world because it's awesome in it's candidness. But apparently after that, PETA will sue you because they think that the rights to that selfie belong to the monkey...

The Telegraph

This has been the sage that wildlife photographer David Slater has been dealing with since 2014. According to US copyright law, the person who takes the photograph owns the rights to the image. Well, Naruto, the Indonesian crested macaque took his own picture, but does an animal own the rights to their own work?

The ridiculous path that this story has taken over the last few years has been well documented, and THIS story has finally come to an end.  

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