They Tie Shoelaces Blindfolded, But They Weren't Expecting To See This

When Joseph gave his parents some shoes to tie blindfolded, they thought it would be an easy task. He told them that they were filming it because it was a new challenge going around online. The challenge would be difficult because the shoes were laced differently. First, they tie a shoe that had been normally laced.

As they put their blindfolds back on, his father says "if my daughter-in-law is filming it, it must be very easy." Little does he know that she and his son have something else planned for them.

Mom is a little nervous and she asks them if it's something that's going to bite her, but they assure her it's just a regular shoe laced differently. Dad takes a sip of his drink and they both put their hands on the table. He's pretty confident that he can master this challenge, but then he says "oh, no." Watch what happens next when he takes his blindfold off at 1:21...

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