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These 24 Dogs Who REALLY Love Snow Make The Winter A Little Less Awful

Winter is pretty long and terrible, but not for everyone. Some precious dogs LOVE the snow. They can't get enough! They want to eat it, jump in it, dig it up, and chase it! Watching them love it so much almost makes the winters worth it!

If you need something to keep you going through these chilly months, take a look at these 24 dogs who love winter more than anything. It might just warm your heart enough to keep you going until spring!


1. These pups are ready for their snow day!

2. This puppy's first snow is is going great!

3. The element of surprise is very important

4. Some are not as graceful, but can still have a good time

5. See ya later!

6. This dog thinks he is a penguin

7. Chewbacca? Is that you?

8. The best place to hide your toys!

9. Sometimes it's even fun to help the humans shovel the driveway!

10. Team work will make any snow adventure better

11. Show that snow who's boss!

12. You can't let the slip ups ruin the whole season

13. You just have to power through!

14. Just keep trying your best and you will make it!

15. It's just endless sources of entertainment

16. So refreshing!

17. So many new activities to try out

18. You can also bring some of your summer games into the winter if you want

19. Show that snow that it can't beat you!

20. The snow can be fun, look at it!

21. It's just like swimming, only a bit colder

22. Do you want to build a snowman? Nope.

23. It might feel like winter lasts forever but just keep trudging through and you will make it!

24. Until then, you may as well try to enjoy the snow because it isn't going anywhere just yet!

Hopefully these happy puppies will help you make it through the remainder of the winter!

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