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These Are The Top Baby Names Of 2017

The year has just begun and if these names are any indication of the direction our future is about to take, we can expect a lot of creativity.

Many new parents are searching the family tree and breathing new life into interesting and slightly outdated names. Popular baby names for this year have that old west-meets-new-hipster feeling.

Scan our list to see if your newborn's name made the cut!

Alden, Amity, Archer, Astrid

Baxter, Bea, Brennon, Birdie

Calliope, Cassius, Corin, Clark

Daisy, Dylan, Delphine, Dashiell

Echo, Eliza, Ember, Emilia

Felicity, Felix, Fiona, Forrest

Geneva, Gideon, Goldie, Greer

Hugo, Harper, Hannah, Hazel

Indigo, Ines, Iris, Isadora

Jackson, Jeremiah, Jacob, Jaxon


Lachlan, Lark, Lionel, Louise

Marguerite, McCoy, Mirabelle, Monty

Natalie, Nora, Nathan

Osiris, Otto, Otis, Ozzie (Oswald)

Pearl, Persephone, Posey


Remy, Reuben, Ray, Rosamund

Sadie, Sasha, Saskia, Sage

Tallulah, Thea, Thor



Winnie, Wilder, Winston



Zelda, Zinnia

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