These Barbers Cater Specifically To Autistic Children

Any parent of an autistic child knows the struggles that come on the daily.

It can be hard finding places your child feels comfortable enough to relax. Doctors, dentists, hairdressers, even just everyday life can be challenging.

But sometimes all you need is someone to take the time and let your child do what he or she needs to do.

James Williams, owner of "Jim the Trim" barbershop in England found way to help little Mason get his haircut. Mason is 3-years old with autism, and his family has been trying to get his haircut for months. Mason would always get irritated and they would have to stop. James found that if he laid on the ground while Mason played his game, the haircut process went a lot easier.

Since Mason and James' photo went viral in 2015, James William's has started a company called Autism Barbers Assemble. ABA is a group of barbers who travel across the U.K. to help kids with autism get stress-free haircuts. It may seem like something small, but for these kids it's an incredible accomplishment. ABA will be hosting special events across the country to help fellow barbers learn coping techniques to help them interact with autistic children.

This is one of the videos James shared with the world of Ethan getting his haircut with the help of Autism Barbers Assemble.

"My name is James Williams, founder of Autism Barbers Assemble; a team doing special events across U.K. to help kids with autism get haircuts with fellow barbers. Ethan has autism and is non verbal, this is his second visit at my barbershop. This is one example that can be used. A great way to help a child get through the cut."

It's always so great to see people finding ways to help others!

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