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These Best Friends Are Too Cute For Words!

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When two 11 month old's met, they became fast friends. The best part, one was a dog. Reagan the labradoodle was adopted by Sandi Swiridoff when he was 11 months old, and he instantly became best friends with her foster grandchild.

"There was that instant bond. They just loved each other from day one." - Swiridoff said of their relationship

Their adorable relationship is almost TOO much. Here are the 15 times that Reagan and his "Little Buddy" were too cute for words.

First of all, look at this dog:

1. They enjoy coffee on the dock.

2. They share sweet little kisses

3. They wear matching belts

4. They take very sweet strolls together.

5. They read stories together

6. They have their own little spa days.

7. Regan is okay with being the big spoon

8. Or the little spoon.

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