These Cats Have A Weird Obsession With Q-Tips

Cats are known to do weird things. Try as we might, we may never find out why they do the things they do.

Whether it's random meowing, following us to the bathroom while we pee, or only sleeping on that one specific blanket, we just roll with the punches because they're just too darn cute.

But for Christy Dukitsch, she was about to experience a whole new kind of weird.

Christy adopted little Huey from a shelter in Toronto, Canada. She took him home and immediately Huey delivered a nice big head-butt to her other cat, Lewis. The two would eventually become kindred spirits and be pretty much the same...except for one small thing.

"He has been a brat since I got him, into everything," Dukitsch says. "We used to refer to him as the 'tiny terrorist.'"

When Huey saw a Q-Tip sitting on the ground, he dragged it over to his water bowl and let it soak for a while. Once it was "ready", he brought it to Dukitsch's feet for what inevitably turned into a game of fetch.

The obsession only grew. Huey would bring multiple wet Q-Tips to Christy's feet for the sole purpose of playing fetch.

"He goes mental when he sees them," Dukitsch says. "If I show him them, he purrs and gets excited."

But as it turns out, Huey isn't the only cat who loves cotton swabs.

Another shelter cat from Toronto, named Walter White, is so in love with Q-Tips he actually goes hunting for them!

"Walter generally just bats the Q-tip around with his paws, chews the cotton off and loses them under the furniture," his owner, Melanie Orfus, says. "Then he gets some more."

No one really knows why these cats love Q-Tips so much. But it seems like an odd choice of toy!

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