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These Chickens Make Beautiful Music On Toy Instruments

2016 took a lot of musical legends from us, so it's about time we got some new ones.

These chickens may not look the part, but they're mini rock stars - or Flock Stars - in their own right.

Shannon Myers, one of the two women who runs the Two Creative Chicks Facebook page,  shares the ups and downs of training her chickens to rock out with more than 17,000 followers.

She was only looking for a way to keep her feathered friends entertained while they were cooped up for the winter, but the birds have obviously taken to the tiny instruments she got for them.

Myers tells the Huffington Post she buys "boredom busters," little toys or gadgets, to keep her chickens entertained in the long winter months when they can't go outside.

But the chickens obviously have an ear for music, and Myers has helped them along by training them with treats to tap along on the keys or drums.

The band have already earned fans around the world, and their debut performance has been watched more than 90,000 times. Of course, success leads to some inflated egos, and Myers says the group already has its own diva ready to go solo.

AiChan, the black and white spotted chicken, is clearly the front-chicken for the Flock Stars. "She has a fan base sort of because [she is] so cute," Myers says. Although, the drummer Spaetzle already has the perfect rock star hairdo.

While the video's description jokes that the Flock Stars are ready to perform at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other special occasions, don't count on these fowls appearing at a venue near you anytime soon.

"They are a house band," Myers said, "We would not subject them to the stress of travel, let alone the possibility of catching diseases. That's why we do videos."

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