These Cool Toys Put Your Cat In The Driver's Seat

Cats aren't known for loving to ride around in a car (or an airplane, or a tank for that matter) but sometimes everyone needs a change of perspective.

That's why online retailer Suck have designed these nifty cardboard toys. Your cats will love jumping into them like they're a regular cardboard box, but you'll appreciate how cute they look driving a sports car.

The vehicles are made completely from recycled cardboard, so they're 100% safe for your cats and sustainable too.

There are four varieties: a sports car (the Catillac), a tank, an airplane and a fire truck. They each come flat packed, like this:

But after you follow the instructions they fold together into cute toys like this:

You can pick which toy you buy your cat to match their personality. If they always come to your rescue with affection and snuggles, they should get a firetruck. If they like to cause chaos whenever you leave the house, they probably deserve the tank instead.

Suck really puts a lot of work into their toys, and they're full of neat details, like the engine in the Catillac.

If your cat is the daring adventurer type, the airplane might suit them best. Just make sure the windows are closed before they hop inside.

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