These Dogs Have A Window In The Fence So They Can Hang Out All Day

Get ready for the best idea in the history of ideas: fence windows for dogs.

Yeah, that's right. A lil' window in the fence so your dog can hang out with his dog friends on the other side.

Reddit user ryanispiper came up with the idea after watching his three dogs constantly peeing through the slats in his fence. They were trying to catch a glimpse of the dogs next door while playing a game of chase along the fence line.

He figured instead of having to look through the tiny slats, the dogs should have a legitimate way of seeing each other. Thus, his fence window was born.

"The dogs really do enjoy it," he said. "They go out each morning and visit with each other if they are all out together. They still chase each other along the fence line, but I think they are happier actually seeing who they are chasing. They give each other some puppy love and sometimes just stare or bark at each other a bit."

As great as this is, it isn't the first time people have made accommodations to their fences for their dogs. Take a look at some of the cutest fence windows!

"My dog looking through a hole I cut in our fence that my neighbors son drew on"

"We had to cut a hole in our fence so our dog could see out."

"I got to meet the neighbor dogs on my afternoon walk."

"My dog waiting for her friends thanks to her custom fence"

"Neighbor put doggy hole in fence so she can come say hi!"

Ok, so maybe this idea has a few flaws to work out.

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