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What Researchers Asked Them To Do, Made Us Want To Hug Our Most Precious People

Sometimes, it seems that we have become so distant, distracted and disconnected from one another. It is easy for us to take our most precious relationships for granted - sister, husband, father, mother, brother - these are the people who know us best.

We just assume that the connection is there because it's always been there, but as our lives take us in different directions we lose touch with the intimacy of just loving and appreciating one another.

It is so easy to be distracted by the TV, our phones, our jobs. One day, our children will leave, our parents will get sick and in those moments we are afraid of losing them. It shouldn't take moments like those to rekindle the connection we have to our most important people.

In just four minutes, these family members transform before our eyes. If  they can break tension, open communication and re-ignite the friendship, the love between them - so can you.

Watch this video. Then call up your husband, your sister, your most precious person, and ask them for four minutes of their time. You'll both be glad you did!

Alright... whose cutting the onions?

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