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One Of These Incredible Shots Could Be The Next Winner Of Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

The 52nd annual 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' (WPY) competition has just released a sample of their top picks and they are gorgeous!

This year judges looked scoured through almost 50,000 wildlife photographs submitted by amateurs and professionals and they have narrowed it down to a select few. These stunning images represent some of this year's best nature photography.

Just over 50 years ago, the competition had about 500 entries, now tens of thousands of photographers from over 95 countries submit their best work . Each image captures an incredible moment in time and it's hard to believe that any one of these is better than the other.

Each shot is judged by originality, creativity, and technical excellence. You can visit the The WPY52 exhibition from the 21st of October at Natural History Museum, London. But for now, why don't you be the judge - tell us what picture deserves the award!

Splitting the catch by Audun Rikardsen (Norway)

Termite tossing by Willem Kruger (South Africa)

Thistle-plucker by Isaac Aylward (UK)

The disappearing fish by Iago Leonardo (Spain)

Nosy neighbour by Sam Hobson (UK)

Collective courtship by Scott Portelli (Australia)

Golden relic by Dhyey Shah (India)

Swarming under the stars

Playing pangolin by Lance van de Vyver (New Zealand/South Africa)

Crystal precision by Mario Cea (Spain)

Blast furnace by Alexandre Hec (France)

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