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His Son Is Not A Burden, He Is An Inspiration To Their Family And These Pictures Show Everyone Why

When Wil was born, Alan loved him. Like the four other children born before, Alan held his baby and dreamed big dreams for his son. Little did he know that Wil had a special dream of his own - Wil wanted to fly!

Alan and his wife, Nikki, weren't sure what to expect, but they knew what to believe. Their son wouldn't be grounded by Down Syndrome - he would soar through life!

On his Facebook page, Alan writes: "Wil has changed our lives for the better. He is not a burden to our family, he is not a trial for our family, he is just amazing. It's hard to describe the joy he brings to each one of us. Even though he has Down Syndrome we know that Wil is going to do anything he puts his mind to – Wil Can Fly."

Alan started to take these pictures of Wil with the hope that one day he will look at them and remember his own special brand of magic. One day, these pictures will inspire his son to reach for the stars and beyond. These beautiful images are now available in a calendar - half of the proceeds will be donated to two Down Syndrome Foundations: Ruby' s Rainbows and Reece's Rainbow.

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