These Resourceful Parents Built A Wheelchair For Their Paralyzed One-Year-Old Daughter

When the parents of little Evelyn Moore discovered that their daughter had a stage 4 tumor on her spine that could not be removed, their hearts sank. They bravely stood by her through 8 rounds of chemotherapy, and although the neuroblastoma is in remission, the tumor crushed her spine - she is permanently paralyzed below her arms.

"It was heart-breaking," said her mother, Kim Moore. "But then you go home and you cry and you come back the next day and be the strongest mom and dad you can ever be."

Moore wasn't satisfied to let her daughter "army crawl" until she turned two, so the determined Canadian mom began to search Pinterest for alternatives. She found pictures of a build-it-yourself baby wheelchair then set her husband, Brad to the task of building it. He stayed up all night in the garage combining a second-hand Bumbo chair, a kitchen cutting board some casters and wheels from a kid's bike.

Although it took a little while for baby Eva to figure it out, and now she's whizzing around the house, "we have a speed bump in the middle of our living room because she just goes that fast," says Kim.

Brad is just as proud, he tells the Canadian Press that he wants his daughter to grow up knowing that she can do anything. "The willpower that she has, and how adaptable she is to her situation, is something I never really expected. And how quickly she's grasping it has really blown me away," he says, "nothing can stop her."

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