These Olympians And Shelter Puppies Make Paw-fect Partners. Our Hearts Are Mush

These NBC Olympics pics of Team USA athletes and shelter puppies is genius. Whoever thought of this campaign gets a gold medal for sure!

When the pictures were posted on July 21, 2016, fans didn't know what to do with all this cuteness  - all the athletes, all the squirmy cuddly puppies - we slightly lost their minds. On twitter, fans went wild for the adorably candid shots of puppies chewing on medal ribbons, licking faces, chewing fingers and yawning - awwwe! Check out our favorites below:

Clearly, the secret to happiness is puppies:

Puppies are hilarious! This little guy just said the funniest thing - or he stuck his tongue in Justin Gatlin's ear...

Simone Biles is having the best month of her life! First Zac Efron, now this puppy - if someone handed her a lightbulb it would probably illuminate with the amount of energy coming out of that megawatt smile!

Here's what Twitter had to say about it:

Exploding hearts:

A great time was had by all:

Yah, this is pretty important - everyone should make time in their day for this kind of cute:

Pretty accurate. 15 Smokin' Hot Olympians + Puppies = Big Stupid Smile on our faces.

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