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16 Popular Holiday Episodes Only Recognizable To Real 90s Kids

We loved our cartoons in the 90s and when we weren't waking up early on Saturday mornings to catch our favorites, we were racing home for the after-school shows we all loved to talk about the next day.

Christmas episodes were extra special - sometimes they were longer, sometimes they were two parts that we'd have to wait a whole 24 hours to see how it ended!

Check out these classic Christmas episodes of our favorite 90s cartoons and after-school shows!

Hey Arnold, Arnold's Christmas, 1996

Arnold is the sweetest. He is the Secret Santa for Mr. Hayunh and his one wish is to be reunited with his daughter. She's somewhere in the city and it's up to Arnold and his Christmas Angel to find her.

Rugrats, A Rugrats Chanukah, 1996

The babies explore the holiday in a Synogogue pageant while trying to help Boris deal with his childhood nemesis.

Boy Meets World, A Very Topanga Christmas,  1997

Cory's not sure if Topanga is the right girl for him after their Christmas traditions clash. Is it me, or does Cory ALWAYS have this crisis?

Doug, Doug's Christmas Story, 1993

It's a dog owner's worst fear. Porkchop gets arrested for accidentally injuring BeeBee's leg and it's up to Doug to do whatever he can to save his best friend in time for Christmas.

Full House, Arrest Ye Merry Gentleman, 1994

Michelle gets the ugliest gift ever for her Dad, Jesse discovers the Christmas Spirit and Mickey Rooney is Santa Claus.

Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter vs. Santa Claws, 1998

Dexter is determined to prove to his sister Dee Dee that Santa is actually their father dressed up. Obviously, Santa is legit and Dexter nearly ruins Christmas for everyone.

Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko's Modern Christmas, 1994

Rocko invites his new elf neighbors and the whole town to a Christmas party.

Tiny Toon Adventures, It's A Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special, 1992

Buster Bunny gets kicked off his production of Tiny Toons Holiday Special and looses his will to continue in cartoons. But when his guardian angel appears, he learns that the series just wouldn't be the same without him

Charlie Brown, It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown, 1992

Charlie Brown and the gang get into the spirit of Christmas. It was the first Christmas-themed Peanuts special since the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas of 1965. It was also the last "new" Peanuts special to air on CBS in the 90s.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete: O'Christmas Pete, 1995

Little Pete wants to make every day, Christmas. But his nemisis, Pit Stain and the angry garbage man do everything they can to stop him.

Batman: The Animated Series, Christmas with the Joker, 1992

The Joker escapes and wreaks holiday havoc on Gotham. We sang the classic "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" song every day after that.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Deck the Halls, 1990

Will's tacky Christmas decorations have the neighborhood up in arms. They're demanding that the garish display be taken down, but will the Banks' fold under pressure?

Pinky and The Brain, Christmas Wish, 1995

Recess, Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave, 1998

My So-Called Life, My So-Called Angels, 1994-1995

Rickie finds himself living on the streets and Angela tries to help him when a mysterious homeless girl steps in to help.

Saved By The Bell, Home For Christmas, 1991

The gang takes holiday jobs and volunteers with sick kids at the hospital. As usual, Zack meets a beautiful girl who he spends most of the episodes asking out, but a plot-twist has him reconsidering his shallow ways.

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