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Upgrade Those Thrift Store Finds With These DIY Projects!

Get ready to hit up your local thrift store, because these DIY Projects are going to make you want to pull out the glue gun and craft paint! Pinterest is filled with tutorials, so we gathered a few to help you get started. Whether you are decorating your house, your dorm or your office, there are endless options when it comes to thrift store "up-cycling", so take these as inspiration and get crafting!

Faux-Vintage Book Shelf

If you can find three books that are the same width, you can make this shelf. You don't even have to cut up or destroy any of your favorite vintage books! You can print out alternate covers for your books, so it could be anything under there and no one would know! A Piece of Rainbow

Turn your nightstand into a padded ottoman

There are a lot of steps involved with this DIY, but the results are amazing. The amount of steps shouldn't deter you because each one is explained well in the tutorial, so that you can create your custom ottoman easily. We Lived Happily Ever After

Re-purpose bowls and candlesticks into a jewelry stand

If you are going to have your jewelry on display, may as well have it in a super cute vintage inspired stand. This project seems fairly easy and the results are quite pretty. Home Talk

Tea Cup Candles

I can speak from experience on this one, it is actually remarkably easy. These were the first candles I ever tried making and personally I think they turned out not half bad! They also look super cute and make the perfect gift for someone. You can customize the scents to who ever you are giving them to and once you have all the tools to make them you might just get addicted. Hey Gorgeous

Cupcake Stand

Another easy one (as long as you have the proper glue that will adhere to glass!) All it takes is three plates stacked on two dessert cups (or candle sticks) and you are left with a beautiful display for cupcakes or cookies or anything else you want to display. The Krazy Coupon Lady

Painted Globe

Does anyone actually use a globe to locate countries? No, not really. So why not paint one to match the decor of a room? You can also paint a quote across the ocean space to make it extra fancy! Simply Darling

Suitcase Tables

If you want an end table with a bit more personality, go to the thrift store and pick up a suitcase. Using table legs and hardware you can buy at most home supply stores you can add a pop of color to any room. Good Housekeeping

Sweater Mittens

If you find a sweater that just wont fit or shrunk one in the wash, you can easily cut out mittens and just sew the edges together to keep you warm this winter! If you are exceptionally ambitious you can line the inside with felt for those extra cold days.

Never underestimate the power of Spray Paint

You wouldn't believe what a coat of spray paint can do. These slightly spooky owls go from creepy to classy with a simple coat of paint. You can pick which ever color bests suits your decor and then you will be able to have that Pinterest-Perfect home.

Popcorn tin to Dog Food Tin

Again, what a coat of paint can do! Those big tins end up as a waste of space, so why not re-purpose them into something useful? A coat of paint and a vinyl decal turn this popcorn tin into a super cute dog food tin! Endlessly Inspired

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