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These Women Really Want Young People To Listen To Their Advice Before It's Too Late

Time is running out and these UK mothers are desperate to share the lessons they've learned with the next generation of stressed-out mothers, before it's too late.

They teamed up with Sanctuary Spa to teach the younger generation how to #LetGo.

According to recent studies by the American Psychological Association, the stress-levels of young mothers is on the rise.

In fact, they're the most stressed-out people in America. No generation is more anxious than millennials and they are now the largest living generation in the United States, Canada and the UK.

As anxiety levels rise with the increased stresses of financial struggles, caring for children and working full-time, the largest living generation in western history is in danger of losing what really matters.

Last year, the UK cosmetics company created this viral video filled with amazing advice from the Boomer and Mature generations.

This is what UK mothers and grandmothers had to say to the most stressed-out women in the world:

If you could speak to your daughter, your niece, your granddaughter, what would you tell them about letting go? Like & Share to spread this wisdom!

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