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They Are Almost Unrecognizable After Their Makeovers!

The Today Show does some of the most impressive makeovers on TV. They found two people in the audience who were in desperate need of a new style and the end of the result was truly remarkable.

Lenise Melton was volunteered by her best friend of 52 years who believed she was in need of a new look. Her long thick hair was weighing her down and her description of her style as "missing" was all too true.

Bonnie Amend was turning 60 and she was ready to try something new. When her family surprised her by bringing her to New York and taking her on the Today Show, she was completely shocked.

The resulting looks surprised the women so much they could hardly believe that it was them in the mirror! They both came out looking amazing and years younger.

Here is how they looked after their transformations.



It's so amazing what a haircut and color can do for you!


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