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They Call Her "The Human Snake" For This Sad Reason

A 16-year-old girl in India has been kicked out of school, all because of how she looks.

Shalini Yadav has an ultra-rare skin condition which makes her shed her skin every two months. The disease is called Erythroderma and it causes inflammation in the skin.

Every hour, Shalini has to soak her body in water and apply lotion every three hours to keep her skin from seizing up. Every 45 days since she was born, the teenager has shed her skin.

Now, because of her "frightening" appearance, Shalini has been kicked out of school.

Shalini feels bad that she has brought such pressure on her family.

"I wanted to study, but they threw me out of school as the children would get scared by seeing my face. Everybody in the family is suffering because of my medical condition. But what is my fault? What sin did I commit to be cursed with such a disease. I want to live. Please help me, if you can."

Shalini's family is so poor, they are struggling to pay for the moisturizer she needs every day. On top of that, her parents have to feed a family of 8, which includes her grandparents.

Shalini's mother says she has been struggling with this disease since birth.

"We saw several doctors but none of them could cure her and her condition has continued to get worse. I feel so helpless when I see her skin coming off, causing excruciating pain to my child. We have no idea where to go to and who to consult."

Shalini's mother says death would be a better option for her daughter.

"It is better to die than living a life of misery. This disease is not killing her but taking her life bit by bit."

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