They Rejected Her Because She Had Down Syndrome, So This Baker Started Her Own Successful Cookie Company

For years, 26-year-old Collette Divitto, was rejected after every job interview. So she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The young baker from Boston with Down syndrom was repeatedly turned down because business owners weren't seeing her as Collette, they were seeing her as someone with a disability. So, she set out to prove them all wrong.

Collette's mom, Rosemary Alfredo tells ABC News that the idea came from Collette's own decision to bring homemade cookies to her interviews. Although she was always turned down for the job, they loved her cookies.

Rather than give up, Collette, decided to open her own bakery - Colletty's Cookies - with the help of her mother and sister. Collette and her delicious cookies were well known in her neighborhood, but after her TV interview, she became a sensation!

Within 10 days, she's already received over 50,000 orders for cookies and over 9.5 million views on Facebook!

Collette Divitto / Facebook

Collette Divitto / Facebook

Collette's story is an inspiration to us all! Don't let rejection get you down - believe in yourself and your dream really can come true!

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