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They Thought She Was A Mini Pig, But She Kept Growing, Now She's As Big As A Polar Bear!

When Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter from Ontario, Canada adopted a cute little pink piggy, their vet assured them that she was a micro-pig  that would grow to be no more than 70 lbs.

But when little Esther grew beyond her expected weight limit, they knew that they had been duped.

Two years later, Esther is now the size of a fully-grown female polar bear weighing in at 670 lbs.

That's a full-sized kitchen...

At first Steve and Derek were in denial, they couldn't believe that their mini pig would soon outweigh two full grown men!

But, when she outgrew the furniture and began to steal things off the kitchen counters, there was no more denying the obvious. Esther was HUGE!

"We just adapted and loved her more." Steve tells the Daily Mail, What else could we do? It wasn't her fault and we would never give up a pet."

Now, Esther lives with Steve, Derek, her two doggy friends and a cat on a farm in Ontario. This super sow chows down on about $40 USD of rolled oats, barley, corn, fresh fruit and vegetables.

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