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They Thought They Lost Their Dog In The Wildfire, But This Reunion Video Is Going To Make You Cry

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The Santa Rosa wildfires have been a catastrophic event. They have been tearing through neighborhoods and homes faster than anyone can anticipate. People have been fleeing their homes without any preparation, and are forced to leave everything behind.

Katherine Weaver was forced to evacuate her home in the middle of the night, and in her escape her dog Izzy got away from her. Izzy bolted away from her owners, back into the dangerous areas, and the Weavers had no choice but to leave her behind. The fire was getting out of control and they couldn't stay behind to look for her.

AP Photo/Jonathan Copper

Unable to face the heartbreak herself, Weaver asked her son Jack to go and look at the remains of their home. Jack went to the neighborhood a day later and began to film the wreckage and destruction. It took a long time to make it back up to the house, but when they got there they were greeted by a familiar face...

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