They Tried To Be Good People, But McDonald's Refused To Let Them

Vijaya Martensson and Anja Andorsen were completely floored when their local McDonald's in Sweden refused to let them buy a meal for a homeless man.

The man approached the two women and asked if maybe he could buy them some food. He had been taking leftover food from strangers' trays, so the friends knew he was really in need.

As Vijaya approached the counter to order his meal, workers allegedly refused to serve her.

“How can McDonald’s deny a person like me who earns their own money and chooses to give another human being food?” Vijaya asked. “What happened to Sweden’s fairness and human rights?”

Vijaya was told that the man had been taking food from customer trays, but she says that's "not strange if you don't have anywhere else to get food."

Daily Mail

Anja approached the counter separately, asked if SHE could order food, and the workers said yes. Then she promptly "gave it to the man anyway."

Christoffer Jornert, a McDonald's supervisor, says there is no rule against who customers can buy and give food to. But because the man had been "bothering" guests and on "several occasions tried to steal food," it became an issue.

“We had just called in security guards because the man had been aggressive towards both guests and staff and we did not want a confrontation inside the restaurant,” he said.

Do you agree with Christoffer's reasoning? Or was it uncalled for to deny these women the chance to buy food for a homeless man? Let us know.

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